Ideas and knees

Thursday, 22.10.2015

Giving up everything I usually eat and switching into a totally healthy eating mode is pretty hard thing to do. Both my body and my mind feel completely different. I have different dreams, mostly dealing with eating something good and forbidden. And I get tons of ideas for my works in a morning, just a jiff before I wake up. They just appear from nowhere. But I have to be very quick to write them down because they disappear as fast as they appear.

So this is only the first couple of days, let's see what happens next. And I am very curious.

And I am almost finished with writing my book. And I have managed to postpond the date to pay my home insurance as right now I don't have sorces to do it. Maybe I shouldn't do it at all...? But we have had it from the beginning and it kind of gives a bit better sleep when you know that if something really happens at least we have an insurance. And my wife has paid for our daughter's excursion to France. And Tartu Art Museum has sent me an e-mail that they will now definitely buy my painting and will transfer the money during the first two weeks in November which is of course a very good news.  

And today we actually had a grand plan to go to see my father in South Estonia but my wife managed to sprain her knee so badly in the morning that is now at the hospital and I am just waiting for her phone call to find out what happens next.