Saturday, 17.10.2015

Yesterday I had a nice day. In the morning I started a new work in my studio. 

Then totally by chance I bumped into this nice American artist Terrenceo whom we had an artist talk together some days ago. And we made some plans to do something together in London in spring. And in the evening I met a good old friend Lea and we were talking about possibilities to arrange my show in Canada. And during this conversation I suddenly got an idea for a great new project about my grandfather, who lived in Canada and whom I never met but who has influenced my life a lot. This project will be much different from what I have done so far and I feel very excited.  And late at night I became a Facebook friend with one Hungarian curator who has curated some of my shows and whom I last met 10 years ago. 

And on the way home I completely by chance passed one gallery where some of my good old friends were just having a private view and I had a nice chat with them, too.

What a nice day it was yesterday!