Thursday, 15.10.2015

Yesterday I had a nice artist talk together with one Estonian artist called Kennet and one American artist called Terrenceo. They work together and are currently having a show in Tallinn with their collaborative paintings. And the idea of the talk was to discuss about togetherness and not togetherness. And tolerance. And accepting each other. Because all these things are so much in the air in the whole world right now and very much in the air in Estonia. All these discussions about to accept or not to accept refugees and if to accept then how many and which ones. And are they all really refugees who have lost their homes or are there also people who are looking for some adventure and easy life. And who were these people who set the house, full of refugee families with small children on fire and what to think of the country where things like that can happen. And what the artists should do or what they can do in that situation. It was a nice talk, I was really enjoying it and Kennet and Terrenceo said they were enjoying it too. And it seemed that the audience was also enjoying it, at least most of them stayed till the end. And when we finished and wanted to go for a drink we found out that exactly the same time when we were talking about all these things a demonstration against allowing refugees to come to Estonia held around teh corner, not far from the gallery. And it was organized by one small but pretty nationalistic local party. That was rather weird thing to find out. And it made us to go on with this topic until late hours. In the end we were all quite drunk and I really had to struggle hard to get home on my bycicle. And in the morning I had a strong hangover but probably not the strongest one. And probably not because of too many drinks but because I had too many sigarets. And besides I am not a smoking person.  

And now it's time to go for jogging.