Texts texts texts

Monday, 22.02.2016

I have been busy working with new ideas. Mostly text based. Actually only text based. Don't even know why but text is the only thing that interests me at the moment.

Talking with my wife in Facebook, chatting over Messenger, e-mailing. Words... Comics strips without any images, only text bubbles. No dialogues even... Social media networks that isolate us from each other, transforms everything human into short sentences and tweets...



When our kids go to sleep then we usually have more time to for each other. We take our computers or phones and start talking. About everything but mostly what has happened during the day. Usually we do it in Facebook but sometimes we just e-mail each other. I am usually sitting on our new daybed in the living room and she is sitting on our old red sofa in the kitchen. This red sofa is actually much more comfortable than the daybed - it is much softer and incredibly cosy. But in the living room I can at the same time watch TV which is also good.

When we get bored of talking we start posting images to each other. I usually take pictures of the film I am watching. Or I take secret pictures of her in the kitchen through the door.   She usually posts some funny stickers. Or links to some videos she finds in internet.

Then at one point we usually get tired of it and we go to sleep.