Small size

Wednesday, 23.12.2015

I am heading to Karksi-Nuia for Christms today. Although I would like to stay in Tallinn as I am in a good working mood and have just started with Chat Paintings. I am first making them small size acrylic on paper and if there is a need I will go on large size canvas later. I kind of like working on smaller size at the moment. I like the intimacy that goes with that. And thinking of my show in The States in autumn 2016 I think I will need some small size works to make sending procedure more simple. It's always easier to send over some boxes rather than 2 or 3 meter canvases. And for works on paper I can also do framing right in place, I am sure it would be cheaper than sending them framed. I imagine if I work the whole winter in small size I will have the whole exhibition ready for the beginning of summer - works on paper, works on canvas and some small objects, Plus some texts which I can write straight on the wall any size I need. Plus some videos which I can always project bigger to add some larger dimension in the show. And I will still ship some of my life size self-portrait- objects over as I feel I will need these works there as some land marks I can build the rest of the show around.