Youtube, stomach and light in the end of the tunnel

Thursday, 08.10.2015

Spending days uploading my videos to youtube and writing text for my book JUUBELIAASTA that should come out in January. But the text should be ready by the end of this month so there is not much time. Plus I need to make a bunch of drawings, too. And I'm still struggeling with my stomach problems. Although-although-although I am having a bit of success too - have just been to one homeopath and she said she can help me to get rid of this shit. Although the diagnosis she gave to my current state was surprizingly horrible.  But there is a light in the end of the tunnel now and that's the main thing. And I spoke with my gallerist who also added a bit of light in the end of the tunnel from her side saying somebody might want to buy my painting EIGHT DAYS A WEEK! And the gallerist of Colgate University called me and we had a brief conversation about my show there next autumn. And today is my father's birthday.