Strange week end

Monday, 16.11.2015

It was a strange week end. On Saturday me and my kids went to South Estonia to see my father. The weather was gray and wet so we were just sitting inside and talking about this and that. Mostly about what happened in Paris, then about some other things that we are usually talking about and then about what happened in Paris again. And driving back home I kept thinking about Paris. About how it was when I was doing my 3 months artist in residency there some years ago... And how it turned into a complete nightmare for me because of terrible times in my private life these days... And that I had a gallery in Paris once... And that the gallerist simply vanished one day so that I didn't even get some of my works back... Then I was thinking of my very first trip to Paris many years ago and how nice it was all back then. And how different.

 When we got back home we kept thinking and talking about Paris with my wife.  And watching news about Paris on TV. Then later when our kids went to bed we watched a film "Mr. and Mr.s Smith" with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It was about a couple who were both killers working for two adversarial agencies but they didn't know about each other for years until they had to kill each other. And as Pitt and Jolie are husband and wife in real life as well I was thinking how it would be if me and my wife were instead of Pitt and Jolie in this film. But I couldn't imagine that and my wife couldn't imagine that as well.

After the film I switched into the news and it was all about Paris again. 

It was a strange week end.