Mushrooms and hunters

Sunday, 04.10.2015

Today something completely unbelievable happened to me. For the first and obviously the last time this year I decided to go to pick mushrooms. Actually it wasn't even my idea, I visited my father in the country side and he desperately wanted to go.

So we go.

Sunday morning. Nice and sunny. Quiet area somewhere near Latvian border.We leave the car at the side of a narrow road that looks completely abandoned, and walk into the woods. Nice and quiet in the woods, too. 

When we come out of the woods in about an hour or so we see that the place is surrounded by hunters who all pointing their guns exactly the same direction where we have just been walking and enjoying all that quiet and piece (and not finding almost any mushrooms), and staring at us like we were some aliens. I step to the nearest guy and say: "Seems like we are in a totally wrong place." And the guy, not even rising his head from his gun, says: "They should come in a moment."