Tuesday, 04.10.2016

September 30 - October 3 - our short and intensive trip to Toronto 


It's approaching! Actually we are approaching...


First thing - to find out my Grandfather's grave on Mount Pleasant Cemetery.


Then to find out the house on Willard Avenue where my Grandfather lived for years and where he probably died.


Then to see some City life and do some shopping.


Then to see some art events at night.


Then to try to go to CN Tower next morning but... look at the weather!


Then to say good bye to Lehte. Thank you Lehte for having us and being such a nice person!!!


Then to get our stuff back to our lovely red car...


...and passing the great CN Tower and thinking: why we didn't have that weather in the morning?


Then Niagara Falls!


Niagra Falls here we come!!!


Canada on the left and USA on the right and the Rainbow Bridge between.

And then the last stop before we hit the road.